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Special Event Callsign: GB4MPC
Marconi Point Cullercoats

Marconi Point

The Marconi Point Coastal Radio Station circa 1915

Tynemouth Amateur Radio Club continues to operate an International Marconi Day Special Event Station locally every year, so come and join us.

To celebrate the birthday of Guglielmo Marconi
Born 25th April 1874.

Cullercoats Radio was built in 1906 by the Amalgamated Radio Company. The Danish, Poulsen Arc Company purchased it in 1909 and in 1912 it was taken over by the GPO. Originally a spark gap transmitter was installed to feed an antenna mounted on a 200 foot wooden mast. A replacement valve transmitter was installed in 1929. (Marconi Point in the Press)

Marconi Point, Cullercoats was the location of the Maritime Radio Station operated by British Telecom (BT) using the callsign GCC. The site was the receiving station only, while the transmitters were a short distance North at Old Hartley.

Sadly BT have now closed the Marconi Point Maritime Radio Statio. The commercial mast was demolished during the year 2000 and the site sold and redevelop into a private home.

Tynemouth Amateur Radio Club previously operated several
 Special Event Stations at the venue including:

International Marconi Day
International Maritime Coast Station Event
International Tall Ships Race